What is MotusAZ+?

The MotusAZ+ with Moveo is a multi-functional laser device capable of delivering pain free laser hair removal and effective treatments of pigmented lesions, skin revitalization, and reducing appearance of vascular lesions to create a premium patient experience.

Motus AZ+

What makes MotusAZ+ different?

There are many aspects of the MotusAZ+ with Moveo that differ from other laser devices on the market. The biggest difference is that it is capable of pain free laser hair removal. Traditional laser hair removal devices deliver heat energy that has to pass through the top layers of skin to reach its target, and with our pain receptors lying more superficially in our skin we feel the pain as that energy is delivered.

This is where you hear the term “warm rubberband snap”. With the MotusAZ+ with Moveo, this heat energy is delivered directly to the target and is dispersed under the skin, bypassing these pain receptors. Rather than using individual and repetitive zaps, the Moveo treatments are completed with simple and continuous movements over a small area that gradually delivers a precise dosage of energy to the target without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

The MotusAZ+ with Moveo not only is capable of pain free laser hair removal treatments, but it is also capable of minimizing the appearance of sun damage, age spots, and vasculature to the face and body areas more effectively than other lasers on the market.

How does the MotusAZ+ work?

The name Moveo is derived from an Italian word that means “move,” and this is because the Moveo attachment is utilized by simple and continuous movements across a small area to deliver precise energy to the laser’s target. This method of energy delivery allows the provider to perform laser hair removal and skin revitalization treatments with little to no pain.

Who is a good candidate for MotusAZ+?

If you are someone looking to reduce dark and coarse hair, and minimize appearance of fine lines, pigmented lesions, and vasculature on the face or body areas, then the MotusAZ+ with Moveo is a great treatment option for you.